GIC - Timers

GIC - Timers

Digital Timer

  • Compact 17.5 mm Wide
  • Multi Function: (8 or 18) Non Signal & Signal based functions
  • Multi-Voltage: 24 - 240 VAC/DC
  • Wide Timing Range: 0.1s to 999 Hr
  • 3 Digit LCD for Preset time and Run time
  • Option to select Up/Down counting
  • Tamper proof with key lock feature

Electronic Timer - Series Staircase

  • Multi Function/Mono Function Staircase Timer in compact 17.5mm
  • Time Range: 0.5min - 20min
  • Long Run mode with Time range from 0.5h - 20h
  • Functions with Pre-Warning, Cut-Off & Release Delay
  • Maintenance Mode available
  • Switch indications (Glow-lamps / Pilot lamps) upto 50 mA
  • 3 Wire & 4 Wire Configurations

Electronic Timer - Series MICON ® 175

  • Compact 17.5mm Wide
  • Integrated Dual Voltage
  • Functions: ON Delay, Star Delta, One Shot
  • Wide Time Range: 0.1 - 100 hours
  • LED Indications for Power and Relay status
  • Low Power Consumption

Electronic Timer - Series MICON 225 Signal Based Multi - Function

  • Multi-function with Signal Start and Supply Start.
  • 16 Timing Functions selected by DIP switch.
  • Two independent relay outputs with either both relays timed or one timed and one instantaneous.
  • Wide Input Signal & Supply range - 24-240V AC/DC.
  • Wide Timing Range - 0.1 s to 120 days.
  • High timing Accuracy.
  • LED indicators for Power Supply & Relay Status.
  • 22.5mm DIN Mount Housing.

Motor Control Timer

  • Compact 17.5mm wide
  • Brown Out Timer with 2 Functions: ON Delay, Interval
  • Detects Voltage Dips and Momentary Loss of Supply & Resets the control panel
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fast Response Time
  • LED indications for Healthy & Unhealthy conditions
  • Excellent Noise Immunity to the latest IEC standards

Synchronous Timer - Series EM 1000

  • Time delay is independent of normal voltage and temperature fluctuations
  • Black pointer gives clear indication of the time set on the calibrated dial while the red one indicates the time left to complete the cycle
  • Automatic reset on de-energisation of the clutch coil
  • Base mounting or flush mounting versions
  • No-volt feature available

Synchronous Timer - Series EM 2000

  • Time delay is independent of normal voltage & temperature fluctuations
  • Large knob operating on a linear scale makes time setting easy
  • Set time is indicated by a fixed pointer of the setting knob.
  • Time left for completion of cycle is indicated by red pointer
  • Wiring is quicker and easier as terminals are in the front of the unit
  • All part subjected to wear & tear are made of 'Delrin' which has high resistance to wear & tear and thus ensures longer life.

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