C-Power Air Circuit Breaker

C-Power Air Circuit Breaker

L&T's Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) are specially designed for extreme tropical conditions and have a proven track record of more than 5 decades. Presently more than 5,00,000 ACBs supplied by L&T are being used for diverse applications. C-Power provides technologically driven solutions to meet customer needs.

Over the years, this breaker has proved its credentials as a "rugged breaker". Its level of performance has now become a benchmark worthy of emulation in the market.

C-Power rating ranges from 400A to 6300A with breaking capacities from 50kA to 100kA.

C-Power has been inherently designed to perform in extreme tropical climates. Typical site conditions like high ambient temperatures, humidity and dusty environments are best handled by C-Power ACBs without compromising on performance and safety.

Features :-
A range to meet every customer’s need
  • Ratings : 400A to 6300A
  • Breaking Capacities : 50kA to 100kA
  • 3 Pole / 4 Pole Versions with Fix / Draw-out configuration
  • High Short time withstand capacity, Icu=Ics=Icw for 1 sec for total selectivity
  • Different terminal orientations : Flat, Horizontal and Vertical
Elegant Design
  • Common door cut-out for entire range
  • Left aligned cut-out for all ratings
  • Uniform height and depth for ACBs upto 4000 Amp
User Friendly Features
  • Front accessible over current release settings, telescopic racking handle and various racking interlocks; no need to open the panel door
  • Unique ‘Maintenance position’ in drawout type ACBs to facilitate maintenance & inspection without removing the ACB from the panel
  • Wide variety of Micro-Processor based Protection Releases
  • Unique O-LED (Organic LED) display for protection releases
  • ON / OFF Load Isolator version available
  • Fully rated neutral pole for the entire range
  • Extendable Electrical Life
  • By replacing the arcing contacts at site for all ratings
  • Superior quality engineering grade plastics used for insulation purpose; conforms to Glow wire test (Ref: IEC 60695-2-1)
  • In-built Mechanical Anti-Pumping to prevent Auto-Reclosing of ACB
  • In built Safety shutters prevent accidental contact with live cradle terminals
  • Transparent safety shutter offers easy inspection of cradle contacts & reduces the maintenance time
  • Wide Band Shunt Release to ensure intentional tripping even during voltage fluctuations
  • Easily removable arc chutes without use of any tool – Reduces downtime
Conformance to Standards
  • IEC - 60947 (Part 1 & 2)
  • IS/IEC - 60947 (Part 1 & 2)
  • IEC 60695 - 2 - 1
  • BS EN 60947 - 2
Special Applications
    690V Application for C-Power ACB
  • Solution for 690V application available in C-Power Family. For further details please consult our nearest branch office.
  • Breakers for Corrosive Environment
  • Solutions for harsh/corrosive environments available in C-Power Family. For further details please consult our nearest branch office.

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