Omega Air Circuit Breaker

Omega Air Circuit Breaker

Over the last five decades, Larsen & Toubro has earned a place among the leading manufacturers of Low Voltage Switchgear in the world, with the scale, sophistication and range to meet global benchmarks.

Electrical power is the lifeline of industry, but it is unpredictable. Just like an ocean, it can be calm one moment and turbulent the next. You cannot predict the next course of electrical turbulence. That’s where our highly sophisticated OMEGA ACBs can make a world of difference.

OMEGA ACBs are the next generation breaker with advanced protection features. This product was Awarded as the 'Best Product' at Elecrama.

OMEGA breakers are perfectly designed for Indian conditions. These breakers cater to the needs of various segments like Industry, Infra, OEMs, Utilities etc.

Widest Offering :-
  • Range from 400A to 6300A
  • Breaking capacity from 50kA to 100kA
  • Available in 3Pole/4Pole, Manually & Electrically operated, Fixed & Draw-out versions
  • Common height & depth across the range
  • High short time withstand capacity, Icu=Ics=Icw for 1 sec for total selectivity
  • High mechanical and electrical operating life
  • Advanced micro-processor based protection release
  • 50% and 200% neutral protection solution
User Friendly Features :-
  • Unique breaker front-facia architecture displays the electrical accessories mounted on the ACB (with rated control voltage and type of operating voltage)
  • Modular and snap-fit accessories life under-voltage, shunt and closing coil redefine modularity on a time scale of 5 mins
  • Ease of on-site convertibility from Fix to Draw-out and Manual to Electrical versions
  • Tool-less Arc-chutes removal facilitates quick inspection of electrical contacts
Switchboard Friendly :-
  • Three compact frame sizes help in optimizing the switchboard
  • True 50% and 200% Neutral Solution for specific user application
  • Common height and depth
  • Terminal adaptors offer ease of configuration of vertical/horizontal busbar arrangements
  • Option of interleaving bus-bar design at breaker terminals offer superior performance
  • Supports multi-tier arrangement with minimal clearance with the help of arc-shield
  • Self-aligning, Snap-fit secondary isolating contacts enable quick termination
  • On-site conversion of NRYB to RYBN configuration, simplifies bus-bar termination
Superior Safety for complete peace of mind :-
  • Inbuilt Electrical and Mechanical Anti-Pumping prevent multiple breaker closures due to persistent closing command
  • CE marking
  • Password protection for Protection Releases
  • Arc-chute interlocking prevents the closure of breaker if arc-chute is missing or not properly installed
  • Smart-racking shutter interlock ensures breaker is switched off before racking out the breaker
  • Conforms to Glow Wire Testing
  • Temperature protection by monitoring true terminal temperature
Conformance to Standards
  • IS/IEC 60947-2 & IEC 60947-2

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